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We all know who Ted Bundy is by now - a hugely popular Netflix docu-series and an upcoming movie starring Zac Efron rank among the sort of things that tend to grab people's attention. Anyway, we all know now that he was a serial killer, a kidnapper and a rapist, among other things. But he was also charming and charismatic - at the height of his infamy, many people even thought of him as handsome.

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The actor is now known for his body as much as his movies, and his upcoming releases Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising and the Baywatch remake feature plenty of shirtlessness. Zac recently flashed pretty much everything filming scenes for Dirty Grandpathough kept the remnants of his dignity with a nude thong. Movie contracts for actresses often dictate how much flesh they'll have to flash, and the ripped actor joked his contracts were the same due to him being shirtless in practically everything he's ever had a part in.

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Zac Efron is set to star in what is likely to be a very good movie, a Baywatch remake for the big screen that will also feature Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — it's in cinemas this summer, and the trailers don't disappoint. The film will be "R-rated" and "badass," Zac told Reutersadding that it will "reinvent" the TV series, but hopefully they'll at least still keep the theme song because I'm always here and I'm always ready for shirtless ZEfron moments. This is Zac Efron and what we'll be lucky to experience when this Baywatch movie happens, so let's all stock up on smelling salts and our personal defibrillators right now because there's going to be a rush on the market just before it premieres.

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Read more A decade later, the most fruitful Church Planting Movement in history had recorded more than two million baptisms, thousand new church starts and countless lives transformed into disciples of Jesus Christ. Since then T4T has become a global movement, spreading into every corner of our world.

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Instead, he said he wanted to focus on the victims in the Bundy story, as well as how they became victims. He left during the post-production stage of the Netflix series to shoot the fictionalized version of the Bundy story, he said. It follows his run-ins with police in Washington, as well as his court dealings in Utah, Colorado and, finally, Florida.

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You make us sick, Matthew Perry. Zac went to net a slew of Teen Choice nominations for his performance in Charlie St. Cloud and won serious acclaim for his appearance with megahunk Matthew McConaughey in the thriller The Paperboy.

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This page was unsuccessfully nominated for deletion. Postdlf19 July UTC. Some claims about the religion of Mr Efron's family are disputed and unsourced.

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It's really really hard for me to even fake the slightest bit of interest in High School Musical 2 and its unprecedented success. Already a huge star thanks to the runaway success of The Partridge Family - and the grueling, nonstop touring schedule he endured over his weekends away from the set - Cassidy had begun to realize teenybopper stardom can quickly become a trap. Fave rave Cassidy hoped to use an interview in Rolling Stone as a means to transform his image into something more mature, and give his own clean teen-dream image a little bit of edge.

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The Hollywood heartthrob is prepared to reveal all on the big screen, just not in the way his legions of female fans are hoping for. When asked if he would strip off for a movie, he said: "It would be funny to become fat first and then get naked in front of the camera. I think I would go quite far.

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Dave Francothe perpetually gay-ishself-banginghorse hung younger brother of the sexually mysterious James Francowill officially be flashing full-on ass in the upcoming film Neighbors. And again, and again:. Have a tissue ready:. And we got a little drunk and we knew that we were going to have a lot of freedom to kind of just try anything we wanted.


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